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Themed expression

Let Impromptu LJ be your muse and see where your creativity leads you! The way it works is simple:

1. Something will be posted as an entry. It may be a sentence, a phrase, a word, a photo, something in the news... who knows. There will be no explanations so the theme is your interpretation of whatever is posted.

2. Open your mind and let your creativity guide you from there. Respond as a comment... as freewriting, an original poem, a journal entry, an original photo, a short story, a scanned drawing, a thought-provoking question to start a conversation with other members... however you feel best suits your interpretation. (For clarification, you may find it helpful to include whether or not your post is fiction or nonfiction.) Please only post your own work!!

3. After you have posted your work as a comment, you can then respond to the posts of other community members. Remember, they may or may not have interpreted the theme the same way you have! Be supportive, constructive, and most of all respectful.

4. Please refrain from posting "inappropriate" material (ie. pornographic & NSFW type photos, explicit writing, etc.) Posting this type of material could result in being removed from this community.

5. Feel free to post your work in your own journal in addition to posting it here. Community acknowledgment is appreciated!!